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In Novo Nordisk, we are transforming our People & Organisation function and changing the way we provide HR services to our customers. We come from a very decentralised model and now we want to make People & Organisation a global, agile and efficient organisation. We want to introduce new digital solutions, we want to simplify and streamline our services and processes, and we want to ensure a consistent customer experience.

A key element in this transformation is a successful establishment of the Regional Service Centre for Europe in Warsaw who will provide HR services to approx. 4.000 employees working in Novo Nordisk in the different countries in Europe. We are building two teams: An askHR team to provide professional HR administration and support and a Payroll & Benefits Operations team to manage payroll and benefits. We already have great colleagues based in the larger European countries who are part of these teams and we plan during 2020 to hire 15 talented colleagues in Warsaw who want to shape the future of our HR operations as the first wave of building the new organisation in Poland. We have chosen Poland due to the tradition with service centres and the great talent pool available.

When we have succeeded delivering great HR support to countries in Europe, our ambition is to expand the scope to also support countries in Middle East and Africa, hence becoming the Regional Service Centre for EMEA. We are eager to get started on this exciting journey and we hope you are ready to join us.

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